We own four on-site crematories. Your loved one never leaves our care.

In 1996, Snyder Funeral Home built our first on-site crematory in Mount Vernon allowing us to independently maintain your trust and confidence when it comes to cremation.  By choosing the Snyder Family to handle cremation arrangements for your loved one, you can take comfort in knowing a Snyder staff member is with them from the moment they are picked up at your home or care facility until they reach their final resting place.  We recognized that too many things could go wrong when we relied on the help of an outside company for an event this important.  Further, we developed a system of checks and balances, above what the law requires, to ensure they are clearly identified throughout every step of the cremation process.  Today, we own and operate four crematory units to better serve our client families.

If your family prefers cremation, you still have choices & options.

Services that include cremation can be tailored to suit both your family’s needs and the wishes of your loved one.  For a more traditional cremation service, you can arrange for calling hours and a funeral service with your love one’s body present. It will look and feel like a traditional burial service with everything except an immediate procession to the cemetery.  If both traditional calling hours AND a procession to the cemetery are important, you may consider our prompt cremation service. After the visitation has concluded, our staff will perform your loved one’s cremation overnight so that their cremated remains may be taken in procession to the cemetery the next day as part of the service. Some families prefer to schedule a memorial service.  Memorial services can occur before or after the cremation takes place and may or may not include a display with the cremated remains.  Still others prefer a simple and affordable cremation; selecting a private family-only service will keep costs at a minimum.  Be sure to take a look at our information section on funerals because all the same personalization options are available for cremation funerals and memorial services.

Choosing cremation provides limitless alternatives to burial.

Cremated remains can be buried on a family plot in a cemetery, scattered on land or sea, kept at home, placed in a columbarium niche, separated into keepsake urns between family members, inserted into a necklace or even blown into a piece of glass artwork!  There is an infinite number of ways to memorialize your loved one and your Snyder Funeral Director will guide you to a fitting tribute.